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Dr. Yamakoshi, Yoko


  • 02. Mar, 16:00-17:00, New directions in Chemistry - taking inspiration from Biology, Prof. Rachel K. O’Reilly, Organic Colloquium, HCI J3
  • 09. Mar, 16:00-17:00, Protein Reaction Monitoring by Native Mass Spectrometry, Prof. Dr. Albert J. R. Heck, Organic Colloquium, HCI J3
Dr. Yamakoshi, Yoko

Laboratorium für Organische Chemie
HCI F323
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Yamakoshi was born in Chiba (Japan) and raised in Utsunomiya and Tokyo, where she attended high school (Aoyama High School, Tokyo) and undergraduate education (Ochanomizu University).  After she obtained her M.S. at Ochanomizu University (1991) on natural product chemistry research, she was appointed as a tenured researcher at the National Institute of Health Sciences of Japan.  While working as a Research Chemist in NIHS, she obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo (1999) on the research about “Biological activity of photoexcited fullerenes” (advisor: Prof. Tetsuo Nagano).  She continued her studies as a postdoctoral fellow at ETH-Zürich (advisor: Prof. François Diederich) supported by a JST Overseas Research Fellowship (1999-2001). She returned to the NIHS-Japan as a Senior Research Chemist (2001-2003), subsequently moved to UCSB as an Associate Researcher (2004-2007) and then to UPenn as an Assistant Professor (2007-2010) before joining ETH again as a Research Scientist in 2010.


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